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The Writing Center at Henry Ford College

This is a repository for workshops, handouts, and other materials to support student and faculty writing at HFC.

The Writing Center at HFC

The Writing Center at HFC is a hub for exploring, developing, and enacting writing at Henry Ford College. It is a collaborative and relational space where writers, readers, and texts can coexist and get to know each other. The Writing Center is for any writer, at any level, at any stage of the writing process, and provides support as writers think through their writing goals, approaches, and products. Respondents in the Writing Center work with writers to provide them with a fuller understanding of the academic, social, and cultural effects of writing.

Students can make appointments or drop in for a 30-minute one-on-one session with a faculty member. Appointments are recommended and are given priority. Review the hours and contact information on this page to make an appointment.

Hours of Operation

Effective March 23rd, The Writing Center at HFC is no longer offering in-person writing support. All sessions have been moved online. Please visit us at WCOnline.

Spring/Summer 2020 Hours TBD.