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Faculty Resources: Appointments (Instruction & Visits)

Information Literacy Scrabble tilesThe Eshleman Library offers a variety of services for your classes including Information Literacy instruction and Media center class visits. Please contact the Librarians at (313) 845-6377 or to schedule an instruction session. Please contact the Media Center to reserve computers for a class visit. 

Library Instruction Offered at Eshleman

Just Two Weeks....

That's the all we need to develop an excellent library instruction session for your class. The Eshleman Library offers in-depth instruction sessions and informative tours to help orient students with library services and facilities. Classes may be customized for a particular course or assignment. Please keep the following in mind when considering library instruction:

  • Library instruction is most effective in conjunction with a class assignment. Please provide the librarians with a copy of the assignment before the tour.
  • In-depth sessions must be scheduled at least two weeks in advance. It may not be possible to accommodate a class if adequate notice is not given.
  • Instructional packets or handouts are available and may be customized for your class upon request.
  • Please have the following information available when scheduling a Library Instruction Session:
    • Date and time for instruction session
    • Alternate date and time for instruction session
    • Class size
    • Your contact information
    • A copy of all relevant assignments or syllabi should be dropped off at the Reference Desk or emailed to the assigned Librarian.
  • If you plan to have your class work in the library without receiving a tour please inform us ahead of time so conflicts can be avoided.

Need A Library Instruction?

Contact a Reference Librarian at (313) 845-6377 or send an e-mail to: for further information. Remember, just two weeks is all it takes for your students have a great library experiences!


Do your students need citation help?

Citation Needed Sign

Did you know you can schedule a Library Instruction session dedicated to citations? Just let the librarians know when you would like to schedule your appointment and which citation style you would like to have covered. Contact a Reference Librarian at (313) 845-6377 or send an e-mail to:


The Library also offers drop in Citation Workshops (see Eshleman Extras for dates).

Reserve the Media Center for Class

Eshleman Library Media Center has over 100 PC work stations and 5 Macs with a wide array of software. Two work stations are ADA compliant with JAWS, a computer screen reader for vision-impaired students. The Media Center space may be reserved by faculty and staff to hold sessions for collaborative learning. Please read the Media Center Reservation Policy.

Section A. General Usuage Policy

  1. Priority will be given to individuals using computers, rather than groups.
  2. We will not “bump” any individual or scheduled class in favor of an unscheduled group or class.
  3. Priority is given to those who are using the computers for academic pursuits.

Section B. Classes in the Media Center

  1. Groups without reservations may be seated on a first-come, first-served basis, depending on availability.
  2. Request the Media Center using this online form.

When scheduling a time to use the Media Center, faculty should have ready:

  1. The date and time for the instruction session
  2. Any alternate dates or times for the instruction session
  3. Class size
  4. The professor’s contact information
  1. The Media Center acknowledges high-traffic “blackout” periods (the first week of class, the week of midterms, the last week of class, and final exams week). On these days, no accommodations will be made for groups without a minimum twelve hour notice; priority will be given to individual students, and thus computers previously available for instruction, will only be available for individual silent study.